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My First Marathon

On June 5th, 2021, I finished my first marathon in 4 hours 10 minutes and 52 seconds. It was a familiar route, one that stretched between Ashland to Hopkinton, Main Street to Tyler Lane. This is what I learned. I grew up in a running town. A quiet suburb that claims the marathon and its…

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Not Another Mountain Metaphor

The sun, pouring down mellow gold, seemed to be shining only for them, and the wind gave them voice; but the gestures of their outstretched arms appeared wholly independent of the wind, and impressed one with a solemn awe that overbore all our knowledge of causes, and brought us into the condition of being newly…

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Just In Time For Spring: Using the GROW Model to help us reflect

It’s remarkable how much is changing every day, moment to moment, when we choose to slow down and notice. It’s easy to lose track of firsts when we’re always concerned with what comes next. The next assignment, the next vacation, we’re already somewhere else before we give ourselves an opportunity to just be here. And…

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But First, The Thaw by Andy Waterman

You’re still wearing your winter down when the first false spring appears one lunchtime in late February  or early March.  The sun choosing for one day only to burn with a ferocity you forgot it had. Thoughts turn right on Hereford,  left on Boylston and keep racing and racing toward borrowed houses made of wood,…

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Welcome to my eclectic
collection of writing! You can expect to discover blogs about sport and exercise psychology, books I’ve been reading,
gratitude, and my novice
attempts at poetry. I find
clarity and curiosity thanks to thoughtful reflection and meaningful poetry. Some of my favorite authors are included on this site. Let me know what you think!

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