“Surrounded by trees that stretched what looked like miles above my head held a deep and vibrant green. As I felt the Earth crunch beneath each step moving towards the summit, I honestly still have no idea what I was looking for. On my 4-hour journey up to Tolmie Peak, I had the pleasure of meeting an older couple who were finishing up their hike for the day. The path had narrowed to a point where a small bench stood as the logical resting point for hikers to take a moment and catch their breath. This is where I found the spunky 80-year-old duo… I naively asked Frank and Holly if the view was worth it when I got to the top. Frank just smiled. He said, “The peak is great, but the best part about any hike is getting there. If you just go for the view at the top, then you miss everything else along the way”.

Bridgewater State University Commencement Address (May, 2017)

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